środa, 24 października 2012

My first dots with a dotting tool

I bought my first dotting tool out of pure curiosity. I've seen some girls on the net doing quite amazing things with it, if you know what I mean ;) Mine was cheap (just right for a beginner). I paid around 9 PLN. I think that my first application was alright. I need to practice more but at least I didn't have to use nail varnish remover at any time hooray :) and there you've got what came out my dotting tool attempts. 
My sausage fingers with a random dotty pattern:

I used Essie Ballet Slippers as my base color and for the dots: Wibo Retro Style no. 3 (blue), Miss Sporty Clubbing Colors no. 455 (green), Essie Tart Deco (peachy color), Wibo Pure Beauty no. 5 (dark pink).

Practice makes perfect :)
Enjoy your evening.

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